About us


We are a company founded in 1997 with the purpose of manufacturing and commercializing shrink sleeves in Mexico, being the first company in the country to manufacture them with international quality, and based on our customer focus and high quality, we have positioned ourselves as leaders in this market.

Taking advantage of our position in the market and our production capabilities, we decided to venture into other related products such as yogurt lids and labels, wrap-around labels and laminated products for the flexible packaging market. In this way, we currently offer a range of high-quality products to satisfy the general flexible packaging needs for our customers.

Integral Policy

Derived from the commitment of the Senior Management to define, implement and maintain a policy for the elaboration and supply of safe products, under environmentally friendly processes; Exportaciones IM Promoción S.A. de C.V. declares its firm intention to:

• Establish our management system based on BRC and ISO whereby processes ensure compliance with specified quality, safety, customer requirements, as well as applicable legal requirements.
• To develop our work under high performance standards and committed to the care of the environment.
• Identify the environmental aspects of our operating processes to generate actions that contribute to the reduction of negative environmental impact and promote those that favor a positive environmental impact.
• Establish objectives and programs in the environment, quality and food safety that allow us to maintain our focus on continuous improvement.
• Continuous training in order to meet the challenges of this policy.